Translation Services

Translation Services

Details of Our Translation Services

1. Introduction

We provide accurate and efficient translations (both English-Japanese and Japanese-English) by experienced lawyers and native-speaking paralegals. We have broad expertise and experience, especially in areas concerning settlements/payments (More information below.). Feel free to contact us about pricing, delivery time, and any other requests. *Online discussions using Zoom, Whereby, etc. are welcome.

2. Pricing

Our basic rates are as follows:

Translation and Legal Check Service            

Eng → Jpn     25 yen / word
Jpn → Eng     20 yen / character 

Proofreading Service by Native English Speaker

Jpn → Eng  3 yen / character

-Rates depend on the delivery date and difficulty of the original content. *The delivery date is usually within 2 weeks, but we are also capable of express deliveries (Additional costs will accrue.).
-Prices above do not include tax.
-Word-count is based on the Word Count function of “Microsoft Word”.
-Pricing may be reduced when there is duplication in the original text.
-“Legal Check” means comments concerning legal issues by attorney.
-“Native Check” means proofreading by a native English speaker.

3. Strengths of our Services

3.1. Fields of Expertise
International experience of Nakasaki:
-Belonged to the financial department of one of the leading law firm of international and commercial legal services in Japan, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu.
-Involved in negotiations with companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Yahoo! Inc. and many more.

3.2. Legal advice
In addition to translation services, we can identify important issues regarding the original text and comment on possible countermeasures. This is a service that can be provided only by lawyers with accurate knowledge of relevant laws/regulations and extensive experience in contract negotiations.

4. Service Timeline

1) Make inquiry about documents to be translated

2) We will reply within 1 business day 

3) Confirmation of Order
*There will be no charge until your order has been officially confirmed. If you are making an inquiry for the first time, we may include an engagement agreement.

4) Translation and legal comments

5) Final inspection and delivery of translated documents with legal advice