Ryu Nakasaki
Yuko Sato

Ryu Nakasaki, Attorney-at-Law (Japan)

Areas of expertise

    • Internet Business (e.g. advertisement, data, game and shopping mall businesses)
    • Financial Regulations (e.g. settlement regulations, anti-money laundering regulations, PII regulations)
    • Cross border transactions involving Japan (e.g. license agreements, business collaboration agreements)


March 2002 Graduated University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
2004 Finished judicial apprenticeship at Legal Research and Training Institute (until 2005)
2005 Became registered attorney (First Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Nagashima, Ono, & Tsunematsu law firm (until 2011)
2008 Joined Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Trade Credit Division (Currently Trade Inspection Division) (until 2009)
2010 Joined Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Trade Credit Division (Currently Trade Inspection Division) (until 2011)
2011 Joined Yahoo! Japan Corporation Legal Department (until March 2015)
April 2015 Joined Yamashita, Tsuge, and Nimura Law Offices(until September 2018)
October 2018 Established Nakasaki Law Firm (Renamed to Nakasaki Sato Law Firm in 2019)



    • Approaching Infopro Operations from Data Strategy and Legal Perspectives (The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association, 2020/Volume 70 Issue #11)
    • Cashless Settlement and Regulation (Hogaku Kyoshitsu, Volume 463 [Apr 1, 2019 Issue])
    • Issues Regarding the Amendment of Japanese Regulations on Credit Cards(Consumer Credit Monthly, Feb 2017 Issue)
    • Abstract of the Reform Bill of the Installment Sales Act (Consumer Credit Monthly, Nov 2016 Issue)
    • Advertisement Review of Ads Posted by Lawyers (JARO, Japan Advertising Review Organization, Report, Sep 2016)
    • Dealing with the Japanese Anti-Money-Laundering Regulations Part 2(Web Magazine The Finance, Aug 31)
    • Dealing with the Japanese Anti-Money-Laundering Regulations Part 1 (Web Magazine The Finance, Jul 26)
    • Reform of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions (Business Law Magazine, Apr 2016)
    • B to C Transactions (Business Law Magazine, Feb 2016)
    • Supreme Court Decision Regarding the Money Lending Business Act (Consumer Credit, Dec 2015 Issue)
    • Issues Regarding Amendment of the Installment Sales Act (Consumer Credit Monthly, Jun 2015 Issue)
    • Trends and Issues Regarding Credit Cards & Other Payment Cards and Antitrust Law (CCR volume 3, Japan Credit Association, 2015)
    • Issues Regarding the Handling of Affiliated Loans (Financial Legal Affairs, Volume 1882 [Nov 5, 2009 Issue])
    • Overview of the Payment Services Act and Measures to be Taken by Regulated Entities (Consumer Credit Monthly, Aug 2009 Issue)
    • Payment Services Act and Measures to be Taken by Issuers of Pre Payment Instruments (Consumer Credit Monthly, Jul 2009 Issue)
    • Government Report and Guidelines on Point Programs (or Loyalty Programs) (NBL volume 899 [Feb 15, 2009 Issue])
    • Crimes Related to Illegal Acquisition of Credit Card Numbers (Financial Legal Affairs, volume 1851 [Nov 25, 2008 Issue])
    • Legal Regulation Issues Pertaining to  New Settlement Services (Financial Legal Affairs, volume 1847 [Oct 5, 2008 Issue])

Seminars & Symposiums

    • Academy for International Business Transactions Symposium  (Jun 5, 2021)
    • Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Practices and Utilization of KYC Data
      ~Practical response to the Criminal Revenue Law, Foreign Exchange Law, FATF, FSA guidelines~ (Seminar Info, May 30, 2019)
    • Seminar on the Amendment to the Enforcement Regulations of the Criminal Revenue Law and Thorough Understanding of the Internet-based Identity Verification (eKYC) (Liquid Corporation, Jan 16, 2019) 
    • “The Light and Dark Side of Virtual Currency” Symposium (Japan Law Foundation/Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association IT Law Study Group, Dec 3 2018) 
    •  2018 7th Annual Consumer Credit Research Association Seminar (Kinzai Corporation, Nov 26, 2018) 
    • Practical Data Management and Utilization in Anti-Money Laundering/Fraud and KYC~Practical response to the Criminal Revenue Law, Foreign Exchange Law, FATF, FSA guidelines~(Seminar Info, Nov 12, 2018)
    • The 20th  Lawyer Business Reform Symposium (Japan Federation of Bar Association, Sep 9, 2017) 
    • Regulations and Considerations for Payment Services~In light of the introduction of a registration system for settlement agents and electronic payment agents~(FN Communications, May 24, 2017)
    • The Revised Installment Sales Law and its Impact on the Payment Industry (Seminar Info, Jan 16, 2017)
    • Analyzing the Reform of the Draft Amendment of the Cabinet Enforcement Order and Cabinet Enforcement Ordinance of the Japanese Personal Identifiable Information Act (Speaker at the Conference of Information Network Law Association, Aug 19, 2016)
    • Dealing with the  Japanese Anti-Money Laundering Regulations Reform (Seminar at Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc, Jun 27, 2016)
    • Revision of the Anti-Money Laundering Act in Japan the impacts on Money Lending Businesses (Seminar at Japan Financial Service Association, Feb 8, 2016 and Feb 15, 2016)
    • Data business and the reforms in privacy, credit card, and anti-money laundering regulations (Seminar at Fintech Association, Jan 25, 2016)
    • Revision of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, and related laws (Consumer Credit Research Seminar, Oct 29, 2015)
    • 19th Law Practice Reform Symposium Session 2: The relationship between law firms and in-house lawyers – Structural changes in law business – (Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Oct 16, 2015)
    • Revision of the Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds Act (Japanese In-house Lawyers Association (3rd division), Aug 31, 2015)
    • Amendment developments of the Installment Sales act and the Personal Information Protection Act (Consumer Credit Research Seminar, May 27, 2015)
    • “The appeal of being a lawyer and the needed personnel within a symposium organization: Things every graduate law student should know” [Record of announcement] (Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Jul 2, 2011)

Feb 2016 Japan Online Game Association Auditor (until Mar 2018)
Jun 2015 Japan Bar Association In-house Lawyers Committee Vice Chairman

Qualifications, etc.


Yuko Sato (Ms.), Attorney-at-Law (Japan)

Areas of Expertise

    • Regulations re settlement business(the Installment Sales Act, Money Lending Business Act, including Investment Laws and Interest Rates Restriction Act, Order for Enforcement of the Payment Services Act, Banking Act, Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.)
    • Competition Law, Antitrust Law, Subcontracting Business Law(下請法)
    • Labor and Employment
    • M & A, reorganization
    • Compliance, Crisis Management, Corporate Governance
    • Support for venture companies, new business, IPO support
    • Inbound and Outbound Business
    • Cross-Border Transactions

Industries of Main Clients

    • Banking and Finance (including FINTECH)
    • Distribution
    • Publication, Advertising, Media Related
    • IT / Web service

Academic Background and Career

2003 Graduated Hiroshima University High School, Fukuyama
2007 Graduated University of Tokyo (LL.B.)
2009 Graduated Kobe University Law School (J.D.)
2009 Finished the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan

Became registered attorney (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)

Joined Jones Day, Tokyo Office (-2012)

2013 Worked for some listed companies (Manufacturing and IT) as an in-house lawyer (-2017)
2017 Joined a non-listed IT company as an in-house lawyer (in service)
2019 Joined Nakasaki-Sato Law Firm


    • June 2018 Daini Tokyo Bar Association / International Committee
    • June 2018 Japan In-house Lawyers Association (JILA) / Public Relations and External Affairs Committee


    • Bookkeeping (Second Grade)
    • TOEIC score 940