About Us

We, Nakasaki & Sato Law Firm, provide superior quality legal service. We pride ourselves on providing great legal support to domestic and overseas clients.

We dedicate our best efforts to make your business succeed.
With in-house counsel experience, we can handle all of your business needs.

<Contribution to Profit>
Compliance with laws and regulations is an area of obvious importance to businesses. Under compliance, the legal department of a company or an external law firm has a tendency to stop or slow down a business. However, we can actively offer various choices to make sure profits are generated under compliance and leading business succeed with using overseas advanced cases .

<Contract Drafting and Negotiation>
We have reviewed and revised thousands of contracts. We have at least 15 years experience in this area, so that we understand contract is a tool to achieve profitability and secure relationships with companies.
A poorly drafted contract can expose your company to serious damage or prevent you from receiving the desired quality of services you thought. To reduce risk of failure and create Win-Win contracts for starting new business promptly, depend on us for legal advice. We can review and revise your contracts, and will not impair your negotiations.

<Formulating internal regulations, etc.>
I believe internal regulations are NOT OK as long as you have only to make it, but it is necessary to consider the regulations meet your company or not, just like finding suitable clothes and shoes for you.
It is important that internal regulations are followed easily and not constitute a limiting factor of business. We can carefully discuss internal regulations whether to meet your company.

<Prediction of the future in the legal field>
We can promptly make a prediction of how laws and regulations will be changed in the future because we are knowledgeable and experienced. Also we have great analytical skills of the trend of oversea laws and regulations. We can prevent system or business reconstruction from amendment of laws, and give you advice in various ways, including internal rules, business strategies, systems architecture and so on.

< Closing remarks >
Nakasaki & Sato Law Firm is NOT your typical law firm.
Knowledgeable and experienced attorney assists you whether your matter involves international transactions, legal compliance or intellectual property.
Please contact us today for a consultation to discuss your legal needs.
You may also contact us by email at info@nakasaki-law.com.
We constantly strive to understand each clients and contribute to business success.