Other Related Laws (Specified Commercial Transactions Law)

Specified Commercial Transactions Law

The Act on Specified Commercial Transactions is often a problem for foreign companies selling products to Japanese customers through Internet shopping.

The Special Commercial Code regulates the following types of transactions:

  • Door-to-Door Sales
  • Telemarketing Sales
  • Multilevel Marketing
  • Business Opportunity Sales
  • Specified Continuous Services
  • Mail Order Sales

If the product falls under the mail-order sales, product must be labeled in accordance with the Special Commercial Code. Further, if the terms and conditions for returning are not clearly stated, customers may be able to cancel and return the product (See Article 15-2 of the same law).



In addition to the above, various laws and regulations may come into play, such as the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act if you are selling used goods, or the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations if you are selling directly to consumers.


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