About Translations

Details of Our Translation Services

1. Introduction

We provide our clients with accurate and efficient translation services (English-Japanese and Japanese-English) by experienced lawyers and native English-speaking paralegals. If you are looking for satisfactory translation services, please feel free to contact us about the cost, delivery time, and other requests.

2. Strength of our service

2.1. Expertise
Members of our law firm are an attorney-at-law(Bengoshi) who had lived in the United States for eight years and is familiar with the finance / internet business etc. and another who has an experience in Tokyo firm of a famous US-based law firm. We have not only understanding of English language but also the Common law and experience in international corporate legal affairs.

2.2. Legal advice
In addition to translation service, we will point out important issues regarding the original text such as contracts in English and make comments to handle the issues. This is value-added translation service that only experienced lawyers can provide.

2.3. Simple cost
Generally, translation cost of our service is based on the number of characters and content of the documents as the following rate (See 3.1). Our firm submits an estimate of expenses before the official request from our clients. This estimation generally includes e-mails, telecommunication and meetings regarding the contents of the original documents and/or unclear points etc. We will get acceptance from our clients in advance when additional costs will be occurred.

2.4. Contribution to rapid progress of negotiations
In case when you request translation by a translator and ask for a legal advice from a law firm, it will take both fee and time for each process. In our service, the lawyer who is in charge of translation review the documents and make legal comments on them as a whole. It will contribute to efficient and accurate translation and prompt negotiation process.

3. Cost

3.1. Basic rate
English → Japanese: 30 yen to 35 yen per one word
Japanese → English: 25 yen to 30 yen per one character
* The rate depends on the delivery date and the difficulty to understand the original contents.
* The rate does not include tax.
* Word-count calculation is based on the Word Count function of “Microsoft Word”.

3.2. Additional cost
In the case of additional work which is not assumed at the time of estimation, additional cost will be incurred with prior consent of the client. Generally, hourly fees will be charged for additional work.

[Examples where additional work occurs]

        • If the original text of the document is grammatically incorrect and difficult to understand (e.g. contracts in English drafted by a company that does not use English as a native language).
        • If there is a need for an idiomatic translation to prevent misinterpretation of the contract parties due to unclear definitions of terms of the original contents.
        • If the original text of the contract needs to be changed based on the client’s request or comments by our firm
        • In case of using the English translation of the Japanese contract, as an official version, rather than wishing to translate it as a reference translation.
          (Contracts in the Japanese language are generally drafted in accordance with Japanese trading practices based on Japanese laws. Therefore, even if we make literal translations in English, the other party may not understand the terms of the contract and there is a risk of contract stalemate. In most cases, it is necessary to restructure the English-language contract according to the terms and conditions of the Japanese-language contract.)
        •  When clients need to hold meetings with us regarding the original contents or ask us to be present for negotiation with the counterparty.

3.3. Request from us
To better understand your request, we kindly ask for you to give details such as the purpose of the original documents, the background of the documents, the details of the counterparty (if any), and delivery time. This will allow for more effective and quick translation services, even if additional work is required.

3.4. Work efficiency improvement
If the original document includes duplicates, or if the contents of the previous translation result can be reused, the cost may be reduced.

4. Flow of our translation service

      1. Request from client to translate English contracts, etc.
      2. Reply within 1 business day from our firm
      3. Official request from the client
        *There is no cost until the client formally requests for our service. When the client makes an inquiry for the first time, it may include an engagement agreement.
      4. Translation and commenting on legal issues from our firm
      5. Deliver English / Japanese translated documents with legal advice.